Chief’s Welcome

Peter G. Wayda, Chief of Police

Having served as a municipal police officer since 1982, I have had tremendous opportunity to fill many capacities.  From Patrol Officer to Field Training Officer and finally as a Sergeant in charge of investigations and all in-service training for our officers.

I have had the opportunity to work for two different supervisors in our organization.  I have seen management styles across the board,  and I have learned from and appreciated each style.  I consider myself to be very privileged to have had these opportunities.  I believe I have been given these situations to enable me to grow into the officer I have become.

I believe a local police departments main focus should be on the people of the community.  I am very committed to the people within my community, they are the ones I answer to and the ones I first strive to help.  I believe it is the local police officer that defines the attitude of the local government.  An officer should treat all people with respect, even the ones who do not deserve it.  This enables him to remain able reproach.

My next priority is the mission of the police department, the role of the police department is two fold.  The number one role is to ensure that the people, their lives and property are protected.  This priority is accomplished through patrol and investigations, enforcement of traffic and criminal law, handling of accidents and disputes and the protection of property.

The second facet is encouragement to continue in doing what is right.  The police department must have a correct relationship with the community at all times,  Simply being friendly and outgoing to the community we serve is so important.  To be an active participant in the lives of the other people can make a difference when later called to solve a crime or settle a dispute.  The groundwork has already been laid for mutual trust from the way an officer treats the citizens he meets, to educational programs and other events, a well rounded police department will take every opportunity to shine in the public eye.

These are concepts I believe in, I fell very privileged to have had the opportunities I did.  I demand this same level of commitment from each and every member of our department and we hold each other to our departmental and community standards.  It has been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Walnutport and I will continue to maintain these standards during my tenure as Chief of Police.

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