6th Annual Adopt-a-Tree

The Borough of Walnutport’s Recreation Board would like to invite interested residents and business owners in the area to participate in the Sixth Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony located at 215 S. Lincoln Avenue; Walnutport, PA  18088. Tree lighting will be Saturday December 3, 2022.

Although this event is open to all interested parties, we are currently looking for individuals or businesses who are interested in “Adopting a Tree”. For a minimum donation of $40.00, the Recreation Board would provide and set up a tree (including the tree stand). All you would need to do is decorate it! If interested in “Adopting a Tree” please see the enclosed registration form and guidelines. We are limited to the number of trees that can be adopted and therefore they will be assigned on a first come basis.  

Since this is our 6th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, we added a few other activities. Starting at 2:00 pm there will be food trucks, TO BE ANNOUNCED , The Rolling Barista, , .  Balloons by Robin will be set up handing out her creations.  Our local fire fighters will be sponsoring a candy cane hunt at 3:00 pm. The tree lighting ceremony will be held about 5:00 pm.

The money raised by this event will benefit the Walnutport Borough Recreation Board and be used to fund future projects. All donations can be made payable to the Borough of Walnutport Recreation Board.   

Tree Guidlines

All trees will stand between 5’ and 6’ tall. Tree stands will be provided. You will be provided with a tree number once your donation has been confirmed. Dates to decorate your tree will be from TBDth (after 12 noon) to December 2nd (by 2:00 pm). All trees must be decorated by December 2nd so we can test the electricity and make any changes as needed. The tree lighting ceremony is planned for Saturday, December 3rd. We are not sure on what activities will be planned for the day but we have started our planning. 

Below are some additional guidelines that will need to be followed when decorating your tree:

  • You must use LED lights when decorating and please limit your lights to no more than 300. Trees using non-LED lighting will not be plugged in and/or you will be asked to switch them out.
  • Please attach an 8-to-10-foot outdoor extension cord, labeled with your name, to your tree stand and extending out. Please DO NOT push the cord under the tree, so we do not have to search for the cord.
  • The electricity will not be turned on when you decorate your tree, so please test your lights prior to decorating it.
  • Please no tinsel or similar items (it will blow off!).
  • Please NO glass ornaments. Using them can create a hazard if they break or blow off.
  • Please secure all ornaments you use with twist ties, pipe cleaners, etc. This will hopefully keep them from blowing away in windy conditions. On a similar note, please consider the value of the ornaments you use. Windy conditions, bad weather and, unfortunately, vandalism can damage and destroy ornaments. The Borough of Walnutport’s Recreation Board is not responsible for damage/destruction due to the above-mentioned conditions. Thank you for your understanding!
  • If bad weather does occur, please take the time to check your tree in case damage had occurred.

Trees can start to be undecorated TBD will need to be undecorated by TBD. All trees and tree stands will be disposed of on TBD. Any decorations/lights remaining on the trees after the TBD will be disposed of as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the event committee.

Hope to see you at the ceremony!

Click here for more information on the 6th Annual Adopt-a-Tree program.

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