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In addition to our regular duties, the Walnutport Borough Police Department offers a variety of valuable services to our community residents.  Please use this guide to discover what these services are and how they may assist you.  Please call police headquarters at 610-767-1134 if additional information is needed.


House Checks:

The Walnutport Borough Police Department provides House Checks to residents that will be away from their homes on business or vacations.  As time permits, officers will check the exterior of the residence for suspicious activity and also check that the building is secure.  To obtain a house check, either download the form on our website or stop by police headquarters.



The Walnutport Borough Police Department provides services for fingerprinting free of charge to Walnutport Borough residents.  Fingerprinting will be done for employment and immigration purposes only.  Please call us at 610-767-1134 to arrange for an appointment.

Speeches & Tours:

Speeches can be presented to your organization on a number of Walnutport Borough Police Department related topics.  In addition, tours of the police department are also available.  Please mail your requests to, Chief Joseph W. Pennisi, Walnutport Borough Police Department, 417 Lincoln Avenue, Walnutport, PA 18088.


Literature & Forms:

The Walnutport Borough Police Department can provide literature and brochures on various topics related to the law enforcement.  In addition, some PennDot forms are available.  These may be obtained by stopping at police headquarters and picking up these forms.


Home Safety & Crime Prevention Inspections:

Making your home safe and a secure place is very important.  The Walnutport Borough Police Department has officers who can assist you by coming to your home and providing tips and advice for safeguarding your family and valuables.  Please give us a call at 610-767-1134 to set up an appointment to do an inspection.

Chief Pete Wayda  graduated the 29th class of the Allentown Police Academy.  He joined the department in 1982 as a part-time police officer and was then hired full-time in 1984.  In 1990 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and then named Chief of Police in April 2013.

Chief Wayda attended the Criminal Investigators School and the Identification School at the Allentown Police Academy.  He received extensive training in the use of firearms and is an NRA and PA State Police Certified Firearms Instructor.  He is an Active Shooter Instructor and Patrol Rifle Instructor through the NTOA and is certified as a less Lethal Munitions Instructor and Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor.  Chief Wayda is an original member of the department’s bicycle patrol and is a IPMBA Certified Police Cyclist.  During his time with the department Chief Wayda has received 4 commendations and an award from the American Police Hall of Game for his exceptional arrest of a burglary suspect.  He has received a commendation from the State Attorney Generals office for outstanding work as a member of the Northampton County Drug Task Force.

Email:  pwayda@walnutportpolice.org

Sergeant Jason Nothstein   graduated from Lehighton High School and the Lackawanna Junior College Police Academy.  He joined the department in 2000.  He is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a Child Seat Technician.  He is one of the departments certified Field Training Officers.  He has been selected as a Top Gun in Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol arrests by a municipal officer for five years.  He has also received several Certificates of Appreciation from the Lehigh Valley Regional DUI Task Force for his work in DUI arrests.  Officer Nothstein is also an IPMBA certified Police Cyclist.  Officer Nothstein is also one of only a handful of municipal police officers certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

Email:  jnothstein@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Scott Ledo  graduated from Palmerton High School and the Allentown Police Academy.  He joined the department in 2001.  He is certified as an instructor in firearms, patrol rifle, and shotgun.  Officer Ledo is also certified as a Glock Armorer.  During his time with the department he has received one Police Commendation and was awarded 2008 Top Gun in Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol arrests by a municipal officer.

Email:  sledo@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Nicholas T. Hartman, Nick graduated from Northern Lehigh High School and the Allentown Police Academy. Nick joined our department in June of 2015 as a part time officer, in December of 2019 Nick was elevated to a full- time position after successfully taking a competitive Civil Service Examination. Nick is certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. Nick continues to further his education in law enforcement to better serve the residents of the Borough every day.

Email:  Nhartman@Walnutortpolice.org

Patrol Officer Tyler D. Smith, Tyler graduated from the Quakertown High School and the Lackawanna College Police Academy. Tyler is also currently serving in the Pennsylvania National Guard as and Infantryman. Tyler joined our department in January of 2020, Tyler continues to further his education in law enforcement to better serve the residents of the Borough every day.

Email:  Tsmith@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Michael Eckman, Mike graduated from the Southern Lehigh High School and the Allentown Police Academy. Mike joined our department in 2013, Mike continues to further his education in law enforcement to better serve the residents of the Borough every day.

Email: Meckman@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Richard Compton, Rich graduated from the Northampton High School and the Allentown Police Academy. Rich joined our department in 2016, Rich continues to further his education in law enforcement to better serve the residents of the Borough every day.

Email: Rcompton@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Joseph Coddington, Joe graduated from Pocono Mountain High School and the Montgomery County Community College Police Academy. Joe joined our department in 2018, Joe has received training in Arson investigation and narcotics investigations. He is also a certified NRA firearms instructor for handgun and shotgun.

Email:  Jcoddington@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Kyle Kromer, Kyle graduated from the Northern Lehigh High School and the Lackawanna College Police Academy. Kyle joined our department in 2018, Kyle is also a member of the Diamond Fire Company starting his career there is a Junior Firefighter. Kyle has received training in Search and Seizure as well as Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

Email:  Kkromer@walnutportpolice.org

Patrol Officer Christopher Warning, Chris is a graduate of Gateway Senior High School and Slippery Rock University and the Allentown Police Academy. Chris joined our department in 2019, Chris is a certified Defensive Tactics instructor.

Email:  Cwarning@walnutportpolice.org

We the members of the Walnutport Borough Police Department believe that the protection of life, property and the preservation of peace are the primary goals of our organization. We recognize our responsibility to deliver a feeling of security to our citizens by providing quality police services while protecting each individual’s constitutional rights.

We will attain this goal by engaging in a more active community policing role, encouraging the participation of our citizens in finding solutions to problems of mutual concern, and to enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

We will continually strive to promote the public trust in us by exhibiting the highest level of integrity and ethics. We will support each other and a climate of mutual trust and respect, always seeking excellence in the performance of our duties and in each other.

While enforcing the law, we will treat others with the dignity, respect and courtesy they deserve without regard of our own personal feelings or prejudices.

We must all work to foster a department environment which is conducive to individual growth. To accomplish this, educational opportunities and resources to enhance each member’s professionalism will be provided as needed which is necessary for the continued success and improvement of our department.

Peter G. Wayda, Chief of Police

Having served as a municipal police officer since 1982, I have had tremendous opportunity to fill many capacities.  From Patrol Officer to Field Training Officer and finally as a Sergeant in charge of investigations and all in-service training for our officers.

I have had the opportunity to work for two different supervisors in our organization.  I have seen management styles across the board,  and I have learned from and appreciated each style.  I consider myself to be very privileged to have had these opportunities.  I believe I have been given these situations to enable me to grow into the officer I have become.

I believe a local police departments main focus should be on the people of the community.  I am very committed to the people within my community, they are the ones I answer to and the ones I first strive to help.  I believe it is the local police officer that defines the attitude of the local government.  An officer should treat all people with respect, even the ones who do not deserve it.  This enables him to remain able reproach.

My next priority is the mission of the police department, the role of the police department is two fold.  The number one role is to ensure that the people, their lives and property are protected.  This priority is accomplished through patrol and investigations, enforcement of traffic and criminal law, handling of accidents and disputes and the protection of property.

The second facet is encouragement to continue in doing what is right.  The police department must have a correct relationship with the community at all times,  Simply being friendly and outgoing to the community we serve is so important.  To be an active participant in the lives of the other people can make a difference when later called to solve a crime or settle a dispute.  The groundwork has already been laid for mutual trust from the way an officer treats the citizens he meets, to educational programs and other events, a well rounded police department will take every opportunity to shine in the public eye.

These are concepts I believe in, I fell very privileged to have had the opportunities I did.  I demand this same level of commitment from each and every member of our department and we hold each other to our departmental and community standards.  It has been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Walnutport and I will continue to maintain these standards during my tenure as Chief of Police.


Welcome to the Walnutport Borough Police Department web site. Our officers are committed to providing the highest level of service to our citizens and our community. We continually strive to keep our neighborhoods safe through effective and professional law enforcement as well as preventing crimes before they occur.

We are a full service, primary response, local law enforcement agency. All officers are required to attend and complete Act 120 training at the police academy. They are also trained and certified in CPR, First Aid, the use of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), firearms training, and mandatory state update training each year.

The Walnutport Borough Police Department is committed to serving the citizens of Walnutport with integrity and professionalism.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the relationship that we have acquired with our residents and businesses over the years helping us to make Walnutport a pleasant and safe place to live and work.

Walnutport Borough Police Department
417 Lincoln Avenue
Walnutport, PA 18088
Emergency: 911 Communications: 610-437-5252
Administration: 610-767-1134 Fax: 610-767-9779


Walnutport is a borough formed from an unincorporated settlement in the northwest corner of Northampton County. This area was established by the formation of Lehigh Township in 1754 by land grants from William Penn’s heirs in 1752 forming Northampton County. The first settlers were German immigrants who cleared the land, raised livestock, and established their homesteads. Many of the descendents of these early settlers would later become prominent businessmen and politicians. In the 1820’s the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company built the Lehigh Canal. Farmland was sold and would support the canal businesses along the Lehigh River and Canal area. From the 1840’s to the 1860’s many business and homes were built to support the canal trade in the area. The Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad were opened through Walnutport in 1867 and required additional manpower. More homes and businesses were established to support the thriving transportation business. From the 1870’s to the early 1900’s the area gradually grew and its citizens wanted their own local governing body. In 1908 the area around Walnutport petitioned the courts to become a borough. Walnutport became a borough in 1909 separating itself from Lehigh Township. Walnutport was always a transportation hub with the canal railroads, and highways, because of its proximity south of Lehigh Gap along the Lehigh River. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s most of the land was developed as many people and siblings of pervious landowners build homes.   Walnutport now has many businesses and townhouses. The number of housing units has grown from 150 in 1910 to over 800 in 2008. The Borough of Walnutport has a population of 2,043 at the 2000 census. The Diamond Fire Company was organized in 1893 and continues to protect the Borough with its modern equipment and trained volunteers. The WCA (Walnutport Canal association) actively works on restoration projects such as improvements to trails, parking, pavilion facilities and the Lock Tender’s House. The WPA (Walnutport Playground Association) supports and manages athletic programs at the three athletic fields. The newly reestablished Recreation Board manages the recreation center and the pavilion. The Annual Canal Festival held each fall (3rd Sunday in October) and the Annual WPA Carnival held each summer (July) provides for fun and entertainment and raises funds to assist in their efforts.